Thursday, November 23, 2017

Black Friday Offer (2017)

Hi all,

For this year's Black Friday, I can offer a limited number of AMC1280USB Deluxe kit. The difference with the normal Deluxe version is that it comes in kit that you have to put together, and does not come with any 3d printed parts, so you can print the case with your own 3D printer with your favorite filament color. Offering the AMC1280USB Deluxe Kit without the 3D printed parts allow me to ship out the Kit immediately, versus the extra wait time to prepare the 3D printed parts. I would guess not many people don't own 3D printer by now (I have 2 already), but you can always order it printed from online services.

The kit includes all the hardware to put it together (even the screw set for mounting the front panel). Some soldering is required (buttons, encoder, LCD screen, a few headers).

The 3D printed parts STL files can be found here: